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5 Point Virtual Security

Wireless, Self Powered, Monitored 24/7, regardless of location, we have you covered.

DSSI’s Virtual Security Guard is a complete video verification service designed for large and small residential complexes, business buildings, construction, vacant property and remote sites & practically any location that has a mobile signal.. Our system links the external or internal video with our licensed security professionals – instantly verifying if an intruder is on site.

Gate sensors, digital lock boxes, smoke detectors and external sounders can also be added. We survey, install, monitor and maintain our Virtual Security Guard for your investment and peace of mind.  Response Service is also available.

  • Low Monthly Costs
  • Works 24/7 without a break
  • Able to work in -30 to +60 degrees
  • No HR or Insurance concerns
  • Built in remote communication
  • Completely wireless for quick deployment
  • Does not required additional facilities



Defender Security’s 5 Point Virtual Security is more than just a cost-effective alternative to traditional guard services.Our Virtual Security System can easily integrate any existing camera and access control system into our 24-hour Security Command Center.  From there, agents can effectively monitor and respond to alarms, utilize real time surveillance, and make notifications to clients and law enforcement.

With advanced analytics software and leading technologies our Command Center,  officers can provide services that would otherwise require additional on-site personnel.  These applications include voice down remote access control, video patrol tour complete with audio response, and alarm activation surveillance.

Defender Security Systems, Inc., utilizes video analytics to provide monitoring of critical areas to identify unauthorized activities or access and notify Security Command Center personnel by alarm activation and real time video surveillance.

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